Gift Coupons

With purchases over 100 € from our e-Shop ( you win a gift voucher worth € 30 which you can use in your next purchase

The terms to redeem the coupon are as follows:

  • Applies only to purchases over 100 euros (not 100).
  • Outlet products are not included in the gift coupon either individually or collectively.
  • Valid for up to 15 calendar days.
  • It may be redeemed by ANYONE within 15 days.
  • Applies to purchases only via our e-Shop.
  • Redemption does not apply to physical stores.
  • The value of two or more coupons is not added, eg when we have two vouchers of 30 euro = 60 euro, this amount is not deducted from the same purchase, two purchases for two coupons, etc. have to be made.




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