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Payment Methods


Acceptable payment methods at our online store are the following:
  • Pay on delivery. You pay for the product when it is received by the courier at the address you have stated. Pay on delivery is acceptable for all products except for suitcases. (5€ fee on delivery)
  • The PURCHASE process. The customer comes in contact with a courier of his choice, and after paying the amount of the item he wants to order in the courier of his choice, the courier goes to the shop designated by the customer in agreement with our company, receives the parcel and deliver it to the customer. In this case, the cost of the courier is negotiated by the customer and the customer is not charged the delivery fee (5€) from our company. The contact number of our company to indicate the store from which your courier will pick your product is the number +30 25210-33200
  • By depositing in our account at any Piraeus Bank branch or via Piraeus Bank's Winbank (NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE). You can deposit the order price at a Piraeus Bank branch or through the Winbank service of Piraeus Bank.
    • Account Number: 6608 1051 42421 (Tsorpatsoglou Aikaterini & SIA EE)
    • IBAN: GR1701 7160 8000 6608 1051 42421 (Tsorpatsoglou Aikaterini & SIA EE)
  • By wire transfer from a bank OTHER THAN Piraeus Bank (ADDITIONAL CHARGE). You can make a bank transfer from your bank account (OTHER THANK Piraeus Bank). In this case, the final price of your order will incur a 5€ extra charge due to the remittance costs.
    • Account Number: 6608 1051 42421 (Tsorpatsoglou Aikaterini & SIA EE)
    • IBAN: GR1701 7160 8000 6608 1051 42421 (Tsorpatsoglou Aikaterini & SIA EE)
  • By credit card (Visa-Mastercard): You can make purchases using your credit card. Your transactions will be made through the Piraeus Bank system using the redirection method, which means that our e-Shop does not store any of your credit card data.
  • Paypal: You can also use Paypal for your purchases. Your transactions will be done through the redirection method, which means that our e-Shop does not store any of your credit card data.
In the case of a bank deposit, you must enter your first and last name or your order code in your bank's deposit as justification and inform us by phone for your best service at +30 25210-33200 or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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