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Terms of use


 The visitor or the user of the websites and services of the site www.dermatina100.gr is subject to conditions, which is obligated to read carefully. In case the visitor does not agree with the terms of use, should not use this website and the services that are been offered by the website.

 Acceptance of the terms and the conditions

The site dermatina100.gr can modify the prices, the terms and the conditions of the transactions any time without further notice. You should check regulary this terms for any changes that can occur in the future. The use of the website after publication of the changes means that you accept and agree with the changes. In case you do not agree with the new terms you should stop use the services of this website. 

 Access to the website www.dermatina100.gr 

 The website dermatina 100 have the right to modify to suspend or to terminate for a short or a long period of time whole or a part of it's website, to change ot improve or to upgrade it without any notice. the website dermatina100.gr it is not capable of providing guarantees about the absens of harmful viruses or other harmful programms.


 All the content of the website ( information,text,images, photographs,logos and generally every kind of data), the logo dermatina100.gr is personal property of fermatina100.gr, is being protected by the Greek and Indernational legislature of copyrights and allowed to the visitors only for personal use. Any copy,distribution,transfer,processing,reproduction, sale of the content of this website in any way without the explicit authorization of Caretta-net is strictly forbidden.

Περιορισμός Ευθύνης Limitation of Liability

Even if it has been given big importance for the best representation and description of our products, dermatina100.gr does not guarantee for any typographical ,numeral or illustration mistakes that might appear in our website as well as if the illustration and the description of our products is accurate and complete. Dermatina100.gr has no responsibility or obligation for compensation for any damage or ethical damage that might come up from the use of the website. You are responsible for the protection of your system.



 Dermatina100.gr is possible to have associations with other web sites as well.In that case dermatina100.gr is not responsible for the examination or evaluation the content or the quality of the websites. The danger or the damage that can be caused after your connection to this sites weigh you and you have fully responsibility.

Personal data

 All the transactions that have been occured through dermatina100.gr are governed by the National European law with regard to  electronic commerce (Directive 2000/31/ΕΚ, ΠΔ 131/2003), the Greek Law for the protection of the individual from the  Community rules on data protection (Ν.2472/1997 with the addition of Π.Δ 207/1998 & 79/2000 and the article 8 of Ν. 2819/20000) as well as from the Law on consumer protection (Ν. 2251/1994) which arrange matters relating to sales from distance. 

You are not obligated to give any personal information just to browse in our website. In case that you want to proceed in buying a product you have to give us the following information: your personal email,username,password,full address telephone number or sell phone number, Fax number(optionally) and occupation (optionally).

Dermatina100.gr declares that the personal information that has been required by the users have not been conceded for any reason to anybody apart from company. Our company maintains and  uses all the files of the clients  for  information reasons, statistical and financial reasons and of course for your best service. Every client have the inalienable right to change anytime  the personal information, to check their accurasy as well as to delete the personal archive. In case of false statement about information dermatina100.gr has the right to proceed in delete of the client and and termination of their co-operation.


 Product Returns 

 Dermatina 100 allow the product return. In all cases of product  returns it is necessary to print, fill and send with the product the form which you will find here and the  payment receipt or the purchase invoice.

The cases that the returns are been allowed are the following:

(a)  Wrong product return

In case that the product which has been delivered is wrong( namely it is not the product of your order) you can return it back to us in ten (10) days from the day of the delivery. The products return it is been made after telephone contact  with the correspond apartment on the telephone number 25120 33200(9am-2pm Monday untill Saturday). 

(b)The right of withdrawal

According to the law for consumer protection  (Ν. 2251/1994) you have the right to return the product in 10 days from the delivery day.The product return is acceptable only if the product is unharmed (it has not been worn or corrupted).In every case, the return expenses weigh the client.

 To accomplish the product return, it is a necessary requirement to follow the process which benn described above appendix (a). 

 In every case we recommend you to return the product with registered package with confirmed value the real value of the product, in order to avoid the danger of theft or package loss.

(c)Defective product return

 In case of defective products and if it has not passed the time of 10 days they have been returned with the process that has been described in the appendix (a).

(d)   Order cancellation

 If you want to cancel an order contact with us (within 2 hours ) from the moment of your order by sending us an email in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . After the cansellation of your order you will receive an email that will confirm the cansellation. 

(e) Money return

In case of product return your money will be returned within 30 days from the delivery of the product from our company, as long as has not been used ( has not been wore and has not been tampered) and has been accompanied by the retail price receipt.

In any case of money return from the side of the business against the client the business returns a part or the hole amount of the product value and no extra charges that has been charged, knowing the client, in the buying process, for example cash on delivery or shipping costs. 

In case of money return the business take over only the remittance  shipping costs that concern our bank and not the costs that concern the bank of the receiver.

For better and faster service you have to contact us over the phone before the shipping  in the phone number 25210 33200 or sending us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Thank you for visiting our website dermatina100.gr or communicating with us through email. We in dermatina100.gr consider extremely important the personal information protection to every visitor in our website. For this reason we have proceed to the necessary actions to maintain all the rules to protect the personal information we we use the <<personal information>> according to the declaration of dermatina100.gr concerning the personal information protection as well as according to the European legislation and every other applicable legislature concerning the protection, processing, access  and personal information transfer. The website of dermatina100.gr, in which appear always the personal information policy (<<the policy>>) and which ask you any information, collect maintain and secure your personal information according to the above mentioned policy, as well as the applicable legislature and the applicable regulations and instructions. This policy is been applied in personal information (as they defined below) that have been collected by sources of dermatina100.gr on internet and from means of communication (such as websites, email, and other internet tools) in which there is a link with this policy. This policy has no application in personal information that has been collected from links and other communication means offnetwork, with the exception the cases that these personal information have been unified with personal information that have been collected from dermatina100.gr through internet.

 We collect only personal data as regards you and as long as you choose to provide them to us. We do not share any personal information with other components for their commercial use, unless you give us relative permission. Please examine this statement to learn more about how we collect, use, share and protect the information on internet.

 Information that are been collected

Dermatina100.gr uses 3 ways to collect personal information on internet:

Information we receive:

Personal information: You can visit our website without giving us any personal information. We can collect your personal identifying information (such as name, address, phone number, email address and other personal information) only if you choose to provide them to us.
Aggregate information: In some cases also, we remove your personal  identifying information that you have transfer us and we maintain them to aggregate form. We can also combine these data with other information for the creation of anonymous, aggregate statistical data (for instance the number of visitors , domain name, service internet provider, that help us to improve our products and services. 

Your options  

You have different options  in relation with the use of our website. You can decide if you do not with to receive any identifying information, by not inputing these information in any field of our webside and by not using any available personalized service, if there is one. Some websites might ask you your permission for certain uses of your information and you can either to agree or to refuse to their use. If you choose certain uses or communications, such as sending e-newsletters, you have the possibility to stop your registration anytime by following the istructions that have been written in every communication. If you choose to stop your registration from a service or communication, we will make certain that your data to been removed immediately, although we might ask you additional information before  we proceed to satisfy your request.

As it has been described above, if you wish to prevent the cookies download so that you can identify during your browse in our websites, you can adjust your browser to refuse any cookies download and to alert you every time that these have been sent.


Dermatina100.gr uses technology and protection measures, rules and other processes, to protect your personal data from any unauthorized access, false use,disclosure, loss or destruction. To ensure the confidentiality of your data, dermatina100.gr uses also firewalls (prohibit access programms) and password protection programms, according to the international market standards. It is although your responsibility to ensure that the computer which you are using is sufficiently secure and has been protected against harmful software.

 Links with other websites

Our website might contain links with a number of websites which might contain useful information for our visitors. This declaration for the privacy it is not applicable to these websites, and we recommend you to visit them directly, to be informed abour their private policy.

Declaration for the under age privacy

 Our website targets adult audience. We do not personally collect identifiable information from anyone that is under 18 years old without the verifiable consent of the legal representative. The legal representative has the right, after his request, to see the information that have been given from the minor and/or to ask for their delete. 

Privacy statement update 

From time to time it is possible to update the privacy statement on internet. these changes will be shown immediately to the website which we ask you to visit often. The continuous use of the website declaires your permission to use new information concerning every new modification. 

How to communicate with dermatina100.gr 

For any questions and if you wish dermatina100.gr to change or modify your profil, please contact with us by email on the email address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Automatically collective information 

 Specific information have been collected automatically, every time you come in touch with our websites as well as through certain e-messages  that  we exchange. The automatical technologies that we are using they might include, for example,web servers/IP addresses (web server log), cookies and beacons.

Cookies policy 

Specific information have been collected automatically, every time you come in touch with our websites as well as through certain e-messages  that  we exchange. The automatical technologies that we are using they might include, for example,web servers/IP addresses (web server log), cookies and beacons.

Web data servers/IP addresses

The IP is a number that has been given to your computer every time that you have been connected on internet. The identification all the computers on internet has been made through IP addresses, which allow to the computers and the servers to identify each other and to communicate between them. Dermatina100.gr collects IP addresses to manage the system to analyze and control their efficiensy.


Cookies are information which are been placed automatically in ordered file in your computer every time your enter to certain websites. Cookies contribute to identify uniquely your computer to the server. They allow us also to collect information about the server so that we can help you browse better on internet  as well as to be able to analyze the website and check its use. Most of the browsers are programmed to accept cookies,nevertheless you can adjust your browser so that it can refuse their download or to alert you ever time you receive a cookie. We would like to mark that in certain parts of our website they might not work correctly in case you have refused the cookies. 

Web beacons

In certain websites or e-messages, www.dermatina100.gr can use an average internet technology that it is named web beacons( also known as "action tag" or "clear GIF technology"). Web beacons help to analyze the efficiency of the websites,by counting, for example, how many visitors has the website received or how many visitors choosed a certain part of the website. The web beacons, the cookies and other recognition means do not collect automatically identifiable information about you.  Only in the case that you voluntarily submit identifiable information, such as application for registration or sending an e-message, then the automatical means will be used to give further information about the use that you are making on our websites and/or the interactive e-messages with ultimate aim the improvemet of their use for you. If you wish to prevent the cookies download so that you can not been identified anonymously during your browsing to our websites, you can adjust your browser to refuse the cookies download or to alert you every time that these are been sent.





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